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Thread: If I were a Pumpkin

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    (Ichabod or the ghost there of watches the Tavernites in mixed apprehension. Time and time again Ichabod has lived this Tale. this time though was different. Night has past and All Hallows Eve has gone. what manner or witchcraft is this)

    "Dear Lord has the curse cast upon me been broken?" softly whispered

    tune in again to see what Ichabod is going to do!!!

    Has the Headless Horseman also been released from his curse?

    Does Navic still prefer wearing womens undergarments?

    These answers and more coming soon to a thread near you!!

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    Arboc reaches behind and grabs a small hot coal from the fire, and quickly throws at the hissing reptile, "Keep your pets off the furniture Bones. Wouldn't want to have to whack it on it's nose with a rolled up parchment or anything else that's handy." The mighty Knight smirks toward the visitor from another Inn. "This is Yseribus skeleton, almost anything is possible if you put your mind to it." Arboc winks and then turns his head in the direction of the skidish Ichabod, "School teacher, come sit here by the fire. Tell me of this other "Hollow" you come from."

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    *Bones raises an eyebrow (something skeletons can't do mind you, but lets follow in Arboc's footsteps).*

    [Bones] "Read minds, do you?" *another failing of a roleplayer is to address anothers unspoken thoughts aloud, (i.e. the two places at once remark) lol*

    *Bones chuckles as his 'reptile' friend of some 5 feet in height and 200 lbs of muscle approaches the knight, holding the hot coal in his claws*

    [Liz'rd] "thisssss yourssss?"

    *Liz'rd grabs the knight and pops open the top of his helmet and drops the coal inside, hissing as he does so. He then lets go and watches the knight squirm about*

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    An apology

    (offending post caused by lack of sleep, Monday morning joy and kneejerk reaction removed)

    I'd like to make a public apology, very OOC - I hope everyone will humor me.

    First let me give a short bit of explanation for this morning's post - I spend a fair amount of time when I am MMO'ing trying to get folks to roleplay, so when I see things happen that usually discourage newbie rp'ers, it gets to me. I need to keep in mind that most of the folks here are rp veterans, not the folks that I try to encourage in other venues.

    So, to Bones, I apologize. I would welcome your presence here should you choose to return, and would like to give you this <profers a model of the foot that she extracted from her mouth>.

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    There is only way to solve this.

    Naked Jell-O Wrestling.

    Your choice of jimmies.

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    Listle you need to check your PM box already. I've had something sitting in my "Outbox" since november 7th which usually means it hasn't been read yet. So get on that will ya.

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