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Thread: but the point is..

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    but the point is..

    *Liz'rd walks away from the squirming knight, and sits down besides Bones at the bar snickering*

    [Bones] "Liz'rd, good show. I give you +25 points for fast reflexes and an extra +10 bonus for using the knight's armor against him."

    [Liz'rd] "ssshouldn't teassseee, massster. hehehehe"

    *Liz'rd draws a claw across his own throat and nods to an OOC roleplayer*

    [Bones] "Bah! Where would the world be without a little devilish fun? But fret not... another round, and we shall be on our way. Bartender!"

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    Point? And points? <the gears grinding in the barb's head echo across the room> I have it!

    <dashes into the storeroom and returns bearing a dart board> And if you'll keep from tossing darts until I've got the blasted thing hung up, I'd appreciate it!

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    *Liz'rd launches a dagger just as the dartboard is finally put up. It lands squarely in the center.*

    [Bones] "Thanks for the ale, but we shall be off now. Liz'rd, on the trail."

    *The two creatures exit the tavern, Liz'rd extends his long forked tongue, and again becomes the bloodhound as he traces the scent of the one sought for 'questioning'*

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