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Thread: Hail all and where are you!!

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    KOY RPI/Misty Hollow member list...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blacksoul
    ... and give Nymph a snog for me, will yas?

    Yay! *SNOG*s!

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    Last KOY OverLord on Sword Swamp

    If memory servs right I was the last KOY Overlord on Sword Swamp...was Lord before that on SS under the honorable Lady Amyrlin..good friends..miss so many.

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    Hey Hunter,

    Amy told me to tell you hi. This is Wes, former KOY of LL and SS. Lots of memories in this thread, Amyrlin and I meet through Ys and just celebrated 12 years together. Its good to see Bretide and Andrea around still, I remember bumping into you two and some others years past in Empriana. We are currently playing in EQ2 on the befallen server our mains are Dirric and Else, look us up if you play.

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    KOY Members

    Would be awesome in at some point in place in a new game to see a large gathering of our old friends once again.

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    Greetings my lords and ladies! *bows*

    I know, it took me long enough to find the place. LOL
    Actually my brother stumbled across it and told me to have a look.
    It's really great to see so many familiar folks! What a great guild KOY turned out to be. Who would have thought? Did you Rainstorm?

    I can currently be found in Warhammer Online these days. Although I've been in so many different lands since last I saw most of you all.

    Hopefully one day our paths will cross again.

    Till then... Safe Journies and Good Hunting!

    Lord Jolan / INNJoe

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    Welcome home! People still pop in and out of here.... It's real quiet though, I think mostly because we're all to busy staying afloat. lol
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Lord Jolen

    What server in Warhammer?

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    What you forgot the time in the tavern when you Tossed your drink on me and I hit you :P

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    Hail KOY! ...and well met. I was a much younger man the last time I said that.
    Sword Swamp was my home where I was Lord serving the honorable Overlord Innocence. I have many fond memories of those times, especially the Fox Hunts hosted in the Swamp every Sunday; or was it Saturday? No matter. I recognize many names here of old; although they may not remember me. It's good to find this place where we shall oil the rusty times.

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