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Thread: Hail all and where are you!!

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    Hail all and where are you!!

    A long time member of KOY, I want to say hello to any and all KOY members who travel back this way. Please register and post here and let us know who you are and what you have been up to. we miss everyone. Battle Well ```

    Cyber What!!!!```

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    Hail KOY!

    Hope all is well. I am alive and well in the realm of EverQuest2 and DDO.

    *KOY-OVL* Evil Way

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    Hail KOY!

    I was an officer in KOY for a short while under Allison and DC in Lance Lair, waaaaay back when... the character's name was Smashet, though she rarely wound up getting played - since Listle, Lishler, Crash and Indigo were so blasted much fun!

    Nice to see this here - thanks Slohand!

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    ah, the Knights of Yserbius... such a fine guild. I was my first... and while it was painful, after a while the pain subsided and I was able to have fun. My funniest memory is when I was playing an alt I think named Ni'eve, and the guild master found me and gave me quiet a tonge lashing. I was really times change. Now I have 12 alts :P Did I mention how thrilled I am to be home. I can hardly wait to dance on the bar in the Tavern. <skips around joyfully> woo hoo!

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    What you forgot the time in the tavern when you Tossed your drink on me and I hit you :P

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    <hic> I can hardly wait to fall off the bar in the Tav hehe <hic>

    KOY was my first guild too. I don't remember which host or who was leading it... maybe cuz we had too much fun <hic!> :P

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    Not only was it my first guild, but I think they even let me in around my 1st or 2nd day of playing Yserbius :P

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    LOL, I was pretty "green" when I joined too. No wonder why they were the biggest guild at one time hehe.

    :/ KOY :/

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    Re: Hail all and where are you!!

    I posted a few old KOY rosters in Yserbius Taverns - Role Play Inn.
    Maybe you'll find an old bud's name on one. Heck, maybe even this sites creator is on one! :P

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    Re: Hail all and where are you!!

    <Scratches head> Aren't KOY oriental pond fish?

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