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Yay! *SNOG*s!
Holy crap! I just came back to look over the forums, and had NO idea I got a return SNOG!! Well, i'm married now Nymph - and I still can't get my wife to understand what a SNOG is! Been a LONG time since I've been SNOG'd.

Thank you so much Nymph for taking me in and helping me through the game. The best memories of high fantasy in my life is of the time I spent in TSN/INN, and many of them included you and events in KOY. I even remember the day you told me you had to move away with your husband (kicks Rainstorm) because he was in the military and you wouldn't be back. What is surprising is the well of emotion I am getting from just typing these general statements and seeing in my mind's eye you telling me you were leaving the game, while we were at the first fountain on the left inside the level 20 door. I'm sure you barely remember me, or not at all - which is fine; but I do remember you and those were the first memories I have of TSN/INN and those will be cherished always.

I believe most people who married from TSN/INN were very lucky. I can talk about the years I spent with you all with my better half, and my wife cannot understand any of it. I wish we could all do a reunion so she can hear about it from someone else's perspective, maybe it would be an explanation that would get her to understand how special of a time that was for all of us.

I'm off topic! Thanks for the random SNOG almost six years ago now that I never saw. You brought back a gush of memories for me today.