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Thread: DVD - The Constant Gardener (Movie)

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    DVD - The Constant Gardener (Movie)

    We recently rented this on DVD, so while the movie has been out for awhile and the review a bit behind, I feel (or at least hope) to spare a few poor souls from renting the movie.

    The idea of a spy movie had me interested in the movie, and while it looked like an interesting, auction packed movie from all the trailers I had seen when it came out in theaters, I was depressed at the movies performance.

    A British ambassador falls in love with a woman with opposing views of Africa. The ambassador gets sent to Africa and the woman wants to go along. Well, they get married, blah blah and go... Well she gets mixed up in local politics and... Well, letís just say it doesn't end well for her. At this point the ambassador, a skinny, bureaucrat feels he failed her and takes up her quest to rid Africa of the British influenced drug testing on the people of Kenya. Confused? Well, get used to it if you watch the movie because there's a lot of flash backs al-la-Kill Bill.

    Over all I found myself contemplating what else was on TV and or playing with my daughter. It was very slow and about 45mins to long. There were no heroes of the movie. In all, it was not a spy movie. More like a documentary centered on this guy and the wife. The only "SPY' in the movie, was the bad guy. And everyone who had appeared to be on the side of the British investors, suddenly turn coated in the last 15mins of the movie.....

    A half Katana for... Well.... For the children of Kenya.

    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    ummm did this movie not win a couple awards including a Golden Globe?

    Since this is a forum to discuss movies. I liked this one. The story line was solid, was not in the least bit leading. and while it seems to be longer than normal it wasnt that far off at 129 minutes.

    Fieness proved once again his worth as an actor and Rachel Weisz well all i can say about her performance was "Golden Globe"

    So i guess instead of the old siskel and eibert its Tiger and SLohand

    3 Katanas out of 4

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