First of all - you both need to understand that my Katana is MUCH larger than yours. This being the case, I find that any use of the Katana scoring system for the movies I review would give readers a misleading view of my opinion - or yours. Instead I'll use the "Pleasure/Pain" system of rating.

First up - "My Dog Skip"

I cried for a week, maybe two, after being emotionally raped the last five minutes of the movie. The poor doggy - the one who'd taken the life of a sheltered, bored, outcast of a little boy and given it adventure and joy - was left to die alone while the boy went on to be a man.

I hate men.

*hugs her dog*

I'm giving it a five cracks of the Whip O'Pain, and because the first part lulled you in to a state of happiness - three licks of the sweet popsicle of pleasure. (You see I'm ramping up for a hot summer already).