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Thread: Taters for everyone!!

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    Dewm, you gave me that as a party favor. Just pull on either end.

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    Hahaha, my bad, Cyren is right, we got too drunk in the Swamp and I just ripped it right off It'll grow back....I hope... 8O

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    There is a flash of light and a puff of smoke. Suddenly a halfling materializes out of thin air. There is a sulferous stench in the air.

    "That is the LAST time I book my vacation on"

    "What'd I miss?"

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    Lovely to see you, tell me everything about your hellish trip.

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    (waves away the wisps of smoke)

    "Well, I thought getting a free Tour The Hells package would have been a good deal. It was advertised as a true "Vacation Hot Spot". They promised no-waiting steam rooms, all the devil's food cake and deviled eggs I could eat as well as a cruise on the river Styx."

    "But it turned out to be a big marketing ploy to get me to sell my soul. Everytime I turned around, there was another demonic salesman trying to get me to give it up."

    "So one word of advice, if you accept one of their vacation trips..."

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    Just sign in someone else's blood.

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    If anyone is truly bored,...I mean interested enough, I am posting a plane by plane travelogue of my vacation in Hell over in the Journal section.

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    Sounds wonderful, I'll go check, thank you.

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    Oooh, you're going to hell for suggesting that hell's minions can't handle a few X-Gamers.

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    Ahhh tis a new air abut this place!! Hail Cyren and Fleetwood,, LTNS Wow Slo this is really looking up, liking this alot.... Tater

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