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Thread: Sunny Monday Morning

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    The balance of life is to have the right amount of decay on the inside While your at it, might want to wash the vacuum cleaner and all the funny looking bottles too

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    Dewm, you definitely have a clear and powerful effect of not making me want to eat or drink anything I haven't seen go from source to implement.


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    It's the Dewm diet!! Buy my book too Ya know Cyren, the two of us have help up these forums today, well done

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    Yes, and now I'll have to stick around to scrubbify this place. I'm oddly inspired.

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    Bah, you are so depressing, just cause you've finally come to the evil side doesn't mean you got to be all down, enjoy the nasty dirty walls and of course enjoy the Dewm

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    *reads this and shakes head* I prefer satire, lust and each his own *downs her wine* Mmmm *burp* Good wine...

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    Oh, but the Dewm is erotic *pees into his glass and drinks it* Mmm..good wine

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    Hello Vena. If you want to satire and lustfully eroticize Dewm, have a go.

    I choose my targets a tad less...aromatically.

    And SnowWolfe wouldn't approve.

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    Not at all...

    I have me eyes on another, but thanks for the offer Cyren. As for you Dewm, urine is not my tea. I prefer saliva from a sweet tongue...

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    Whose saliva?

    I want to get out of their way when they visit.

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