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Thread: Sunny Monday Morning

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    I forgot to say hello to you Cyren, Hello. Who's saliva, you'll have to wait and see. That flower like a thorn comment about you was pretty crude, like Dewm. So I'll leave you to deal with him. Have fun.

    And Dewm, I can deal with crude, I fear nothing, so if you'll excuse me for imposing on your post I will carry on. Though I do look forward to getting to know everyone here. I plan on making some good friends. Been gone for 10 years and I'm ready to stay.

    Vena :/

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    Always happy to make new friends. Particularly from places close to my heart. The Swamp has been my home for these long years, and glad I am to have it be my home again.

    I supposed if I were particularly bothered by crude, I wouldn't have chosen this as my favorite place.

    Never did find out whose head that was, doesn't look familiar. The discoloration makes it hard.

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    *licks Cyren* Nah, you taste like ass too Yummy Oh the head? It's old Thyrmies, want a bite, it's always best a day or two old

    *walks over to PrincessVena and slowly pushes his axe into the side of her leg and pushes it down towards the floor making a nice long laceration* Welcome to the swamp m'lady *rams his hand into the open wound and rips out some flesh* Ah, breakfast is on you then?

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    You can't taste me. Hamster Ball.

    Comes in very handy.

    That's the taste of the spell. I'm considering making it taste like hot sauce maybe.

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    Hamster Ball that tastes like Texas Pete??? Jack Pot! Pour it on Cyren, pour it on! Pour some in this open cut I have too

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    I knew we could all get along.

    Well, okay, I didn't.

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    Good Morning

    *cast's new leg spell of what's left of her leg* Dang, I always had great legs!

    *looks into Dewm's yellow pus filled eyes and spits in his eyes*

    Go pick on some men you flacid slime :/ I won't answer anymore of your post here. If I see you in YSUO I will slice you :/ :/ :/ *thinks about a diseased "member" curse for this pathetic male and kicks his leg on the way out*

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    Hey, hey. Leave some men for me to pick on.

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    Good Morning

    Hail Cyren :/

    *nods and leaves Dewm to her torment*

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    Bah, leave you weak human, go dance and be happy, when you're ready to play around, look us up *rips his "member" off* Ah, it'll grow back *hands it to Cyren to eat* You know Cyren, if that little tramp comes back I'll take this axe and slice her from head to toe, then feed it to those little POY wack jobs

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