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Thread: Sunny Monday Morning

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    Sunny Monday Morning

    *Tries to hide his eyes with his hands from the horrible light blazing down from the sun and walks in the tavern* Damn, I remember when this place had so much fog, you never got to see the light of day. *Look around at the empty tavern* Ah typical, damn lazy asses. *picks a human KOY head out of his backpack and turns it upside down, pokes his finger in the chopped neck as if he was fishing for something*

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    That's all I've got. And ahead of time, I have some spells ready for any inconvenient messes.

    How are you and what are you doing?

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    CYYYYYREEEEEEENNNNNNNN!!! *p00ps on the floor* crap! Oh well at least the spells will come in handy *attempts to throw the KOY head out the window and hits the wall instead*

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    Fine. I'm casting "Mitzlig's Magic Hamster Ball" on myself to avoid this.

    Whose head?

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    How about casting "Running Hamster" I've heard there are many fun games you can play with a hamster and a toilet paper tube, lighter, some duck tape, and willing participants

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    I've heard that you can end up requiring the services of a discreet cleric through suggesting or participating in such activities.

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    Participating maybe, and some surgical thread, but suggesting nah, it's especially enjoyable when the have long nails and can run quickly, make sure you keep a tight ring if you know what I mean

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    Nudge, nudge, say no more.

    Now I'm casting the magic hamster ball on all the local rodents.

    You are a sick man, Dewm.

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    Sick on the outside, but chewing on the inside 8O

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    No, that's just decay. And I'm definitely washing the kitchen appliances now.

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