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Thread: How important is Story-line?

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    How important is Story-line?

    I've been doing a lot of research on gaming and I've come to the conclusion story is a HUGE part of a game. The story line in Final Fantasy for example is usually very superb. But for the most part (FFXI aside) those are non-MMO's.

    So, I'd like to find out.... Do you remember the story from the original Yserbius? Was it memorable? A good back story and in game story important? Or do you just want to get in there and kill and blow shtuff up and not care what NPC's say?
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    Story line is huge. I just replayed FF VII and people made a movie about it just because of the story.

    And I have the hots for Sephiroth.

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    I agree with Cyren, story line is HUGE, specially for chain quests, etc..

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    What was the storyline behind Space Invaders again? Here's the extent of a SI conversation...
    "Dude, I flipped the score on Space Invaders!"
    "Who hasn't bro?"
    "True... ahh... hey ya wanna play Mario?"

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    Game story line

    Tis important, I agree. Adds to the lore of the game, romance too :P

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