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Thread: *yawn*

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    Dead ain't the word...

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    Pssh, if you think it's quiet now, you should have seen it last year! Dead as a doorjamb, it was.

    Traffic has been light ever since they boarded up the entrance to the 'Cano. I've heard it said that the men who pulled off that stunt were building their own dungeons and didn't want to have to compete for adventurers.
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    Hello and welcome, Materva.

    Not quite dead. Quite a bit of life pumping in the heart of this place.

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    I prefer the phrase - "Allergin Test Center". Thats why there's dust everywhere.

    Come sneeze awhile.

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    *wipes the bar with a rag covered in p00p* Blood? maybe some Thyrm organs? Anything tempt your palette?

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    oh my gosh... it's Mat.. LOL.. too funny.. now where is Loco, Fraz & Thyrm so we can have some real fun ;p

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    I miss Loco!

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    Materva you still around the Lafayette / Baton Rouge area? Send me a pm if so.

    Ouija of Black*Rose
    Schitzo of /TheMercs/

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