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Thread: Movie - X-Men 3: The Last Stand (Movie)

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    Movie - X-Men 3: The Last Stand (Movie)

    I love comics, always have. Iím a true Marvel devotee. Iíve seen just about every Marvel Movie thatís been recently done, and a few that are pretty old school. (Anyone remember the 90ís Captain America movie ?

    Anyway, Iíve been dieing to see X3 since it started production a few years ago. The movie delivers in all itís Marvel glory, despite a director change. He didnít change the formula as far as I could tell. Everything was, for lack of a better word, Ďperfectí.

    Thereís a cure and the cure comes with a cost. A Civil war of sorts erupts between humans, mutants and Mutant traitors (Those that want to be cured). Well, Magneto takes one side with the X-Men on the other and by the end of the movie, hearts are broken, bodies battered and no one is a clear victor. What do I mean? Well ya have to see the movie to get the full effect. No way will I spoil it for ya here. But, if you do go see it, make sure you watch the clip that appear AFTER the credits. Itís worth waiting for.

    I really canít see anything they could have done better. All the characters were pretty good. And since theyíve not been totally Ďtrueí to the comic since the first movie, I canít say anything in that regards. Theyíve evolved into their own ďXĒ status and place in my Marvel filled heart. Yes, Iím a fan boyÖ. Deal wit'it. :P

    4 out of 4 Katanaís.

    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    I loved the visuals, and I'm a fangirl. Cried a few times.

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    Finally seen it, hated it...probably the worse storyline I've seen. You can definatly tell that Singer left with this movie.

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