Ok, so we waited for this on DVD. But hey, was no less an experience. The movie starts off pretty normal for a childrenís book. Thereís the mis-behaving kids, getting into trouble and running the nanny out of the house. The cause is probably one of the movies funnier scenes in which the 7? 6Ö.? Or whatever, children told the Nanny they were eating the Baby. So when popís comes (Ok, RUNS) home to see whatís going on, he goes into the kids room to find them all eating something. One of which looks like a leg, with a baby booty on it. Well, then Nanny McPhee shows up and with a lot of magic and mind games, sets the rotten brats out.

There was an underling story under the general commotion of the movieís scenes with the kids and the Nanny, but really, it was a childrenís story through and through. With a running time of just over an hour and thirty minutes, you really wonít be wishing itíd end soon. In fact, it did go by pretty quickly. If you have kids then watch it. If not, then watch it when you need an excuse to watch a childrens movie. Or go borrow you niece or nephew. The movie wasnít great, but it was cute and had some pretty funny moments. As I mentioned, the best parts were when the kids were trying to pull one over on McPhee. So Iíll give it 3 Katanaís for effort.