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Thread: Movie - Superman Returns (Movie)

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    Movie - Superman Returns (Movie)

    Well, just got back from seeing Superman and all I can say is HELL YEAH. Bryan Singer did an excellent job with this movie and everything is awesome. Kevin Spacey does an awesome Lex Luthor and Brandon Routh does a great Superman/Clark Kent. Can't say much more than that to give alot of the movie away, however look for Marlon Brando and a picture Glenn Ford in two scenes in the movie which I thought was pretty awesome going back to the original movie. Also using John Williams original score and building onto it was great as well. I'll give it four out of four kitanas

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    Kevin Spacey was a penomenal Luthor . I loved the movie especially in IMAX 3D.

    Even though on a screen that big the opening credits made me just a little motion sick

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    Think I want to see this movie!!

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    You need to go see it Slo, it is awesome, an homage to the old....

    Days that is

    Just like this site

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