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Thread: It's good to see the old place again

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    *Pours an Ale or two for all the boys*

    So many names I remember

    *Pulls out a special cask and pours a glass for LadyGrifyn*

    This Black Dragonfire Ale m'lady it was brewed by me many years ago and named for my good friend Dragonfire who is greatly missed by me. I gave it this name because the ale is strong and good times soon follow. The same held true for Dragonfire he was a strong man who it was my honor to travel with for many years and a good time was always had by those around him.

    *Raises a glass* To Dragonfire my friend and brother

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    Hey Lady G! LTNS! So, lemme ask... Baron Silver... That the ol'tree stump Silver?
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Tree stump?? Tree Stump.. <hangs Tiger upside down from the chandelier>

    How's that for being a tree stump :P

    Hey Rando, mind if I have some of that ale you gave LG? Been too long since anyones had anything decent. Good to see the bar getting put back into shape

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    "Always remember, it's better to pillage BEFORE you burn!"

    No WONDER I'm not rich! Bloody, bloody hell!


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    Ack!! A simple "No" would have sufficed!

    <Swings around upside down on the chandlier>
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    <starts spinning the chandelier with Tiger on it> :P

    Hey Rando, you know I think the ale here has gotten better with age. Slide another one this way when you get the chance. Maybe we could string some lights and streemers from Tiger and make a more festive look to the place

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    <feels nauseas> Urp....

    Lets... Not... Swing... Me... Any... More.... I had... a big.... lunch.....!!

    <lifts myself up and drops back down forcefully, pulling the weak chandelier down on top of me, dust flying.>

    Ack! That was nasty! *Cough* *Cough*

    Ok, who's fixing the chandelier?
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    <eyes SirKILLL> Purple Wench?!!! omg... I haven't heard that in a long time... <smiles ever so sweetly> Ok, so I made Zati a war mage, but I've also gone blue my dear... a nice big ole Druid... And yes, in keeping with tradition her name begins with a nice big ole Z... Come visit us in DAoC... We... errr Logan and I can show you where the big boys play now ;p

    <continues to try to get LG fitted for some battleground tude>

    BTW, nice ta see ya again Spell, Rando, Tiger, SK, <twarps LG and smiles at Silver>

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    <glances above him and rolls his eyes>

    see...told ya'll that if ya leave the door open all sorts of riff-raff would wander in :P

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    Tiger! Baron Silver! Are you guys gonna let SK talk about you like that!

    SK That was really uncalled for!!!

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