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Thread: Weapons (56k Users Beware)

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    Weapons (56k Users Beware)

    What do you think of when Flex Sword is mentioned? What was the ultimate weapon in Yserbius? If you could describe it, what would you say. Have great weapon idea's, or maybe a few sketches?

    Weapons are a big part in Yserbius, obviusly. What kind would you like to see. Are the over the top weapons like WoW acceptable? Or would you rather see more realistic type weapons, that are maybe a little stylized.

    What region of weapons would you like to see? A healthy mix perhaps?

    Please be as detailed as possible. Your idea's may get modeled.
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    56K Beware!

    Ok... I'm only going to post my two favoriate pictures below. Reason being is those on 56K surf boards, will prolly not like me for this. Anyway, below are a taste of the Models we're already done with, for Ys2. No, their not skinned, no, their probably not even scale, and there are one or two I noticed when making this screen shot, that need to be fixed.

    So, with that said I'll tell you why we've decided to post them. One, to see what you thought about them. Give you guys something to chew on, and to actually show that we are working hard on Ys2 Stuff... Even if we don't have alot to show for it. Get those creative juices flowing. Take a look at these and lets us know what idea's you come up with. Draw your own and post it if you want.

    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    nunchukas , and might i add a monk class ;O perosnally i love the monk class
    not sure how others feel , actually i havent really done my homework on ys2 to see what yall have as far as classes ect . i know in the original ys pretty much any fighting classes could do just as much damage as the next (or maybe that was just vitamin f lol ) i may have some ideas for this ill post back in the appropriate section soon .

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    7 though 9 look really interesting, of the swords. Like the design.

    Here's an interesting site for medieval weaponry if you want a few more reference points:

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