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    Over the top weapons in WoW aren't really the problem so much as the accessability gap. Weapons/Gear were as big an impact on characters in Yserbius at cap as they are in WoW (well, maybe not as much, but they had a big influence either way) but I don't remember any quest taking more than 4-5 hours tops (En-Li-Kil whee).

    For a guild to "learn" Molten Core or other endgame instances in WoW it can take hours on hours. This requires 40 people, all on at the same time. Therefore this requires a schedule, which requires you to set chunks of your life around a game. After the weeks of "learning" a guild may finally have it down to a 4-8 hour run for the whole thing in a night.

    Difference between that and Yserbius was the Ys quests didn't require 40 people to get a shot at a handful of items, and that handful of items takes awhile to distribute across everyone. The less opportunity you have to log those 6 hour nightly stretches, the more remote the probability you're going to access those weapons, not because you can't make it *ever* but because you can get there once a week and you're competing against 39 other people every time you go.

    So maybe after a period of 3 years you can accumulate gear that, by the time you have it, is obsolete, and get to the next part of the treadmill, and not actually take part in the (what I consider) fun parts of kicking back and kicking ass.

    Yserbius was almost as much a gear game as WoW was. Everyone who logged a couple hours here and there could get that gear, though, and then kick back and kick ass. So personally, that's what I'd like to see - not necessarily "over the top" but equipment that is iconic because they're substantially better than their lesser counterparts. The "Okay, I have my WHoD, I'm at cap HP, time to go PVP with the other big boys" feeling Yserbius had that WoW just can't deliver because you're snoozing your way along a scripted encounter hoping the dork with the ML tag isn't a moron and fumbles the drop.

    Anyway. :>

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    A bit off topic for Weapon Idea's, but a very interesting point you made. So, I'm going to move your wonderful idea to a new topic called Quest Balance. Thanks again Adamnan. Keep the idea's flowing!

    Everyone, what are your thoughts on what Admnan brought up? What kind of balancing system would you like to see? Open quests where maybe you decide on the type of quests. Do you want to see a more Ys Classic type of quest, where only Set battles have important drops? We're already planning on Instencing for in Cano quests... What are your thoughts?
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    Sorry, I must have been half asleep when I read/responded to that.

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