Well, I don't know about this one... I've never played the Game Series this movie was trying to reflect, so maybe thatís a good thing. Since most Game to Movie adaptations tend to SUCK... *Cough DOOM cough*

The movie starts out intensely, throwing you right into the heart of the movie... The three main characters are introduced. A little bit of whats going on is mentioned then things go down, or up hill, depending on how you want to look at it. A mom and an adopted daughter are on their way to Silent Hill, to find out the truth about their adopted daughter and why she keeps yelling Silent Hill in her sleep. A car chase later, they end up on said hill in a gray fog and a lot of spookiness about.

Now I'm goina start off by mentioning that if you don't have the time to WATCH the movie, and PAY attention, then you're likely to miss something or get confused. With that in mind, I really can't say whether I liked it, or not.... The cinematography was pretty tight. Some pretty cool effects were implemented and really had a sense of no holds bar terror. Gory? Ehhhhh... At the end, yeh... But it really wasn't over the top as to be funny, or fake. The gore, had purpose. If that makes sense. At any rate, defiantly a Friday night, lights out, popcorn flick. I wouldn't recommend watching it alone... Cuz ya never know what darkness may lurk in the corner of your living room.

I'll give it 3 Katana's... One extra one for Rose, cuz I think she woulda found it helpful...