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Thread: Movie - R.V. (DVD)

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    Movie - R.V. (DVD)

    Robin Williams… Need I say more? Well… Yeh… I suppose I do… Let’s start off by saying, it was ok…

    The movie starts off pretty nice, quickly sets the parents up with their kids, being a lovey, dovey, “we’ll always be friends” feel…. Which quickly turns into, “Daaaad, your impressing me”… Well, Mr Munro (Played by Robin Williams) ends up on the short end of the stick after his daughters friend, throws goo on Munro’s snoody boss. Whoops…. A lot of forced plot later, their in an RV on the way to Colorado so he can keep his job, and not have to tell the family…. (Yeh, like they won’t find out… )

    As I mentioned, the plot was forced… And cliché, if ya ask me. Williams, and even Jeff Daniels combo REALLY wasn’t enough to carry the movie from start to finish. Yeh, don’t get me wrong there were some funny moments… (Like the first RV camp they stopped at…) Ew… Anyway….The over all plot, really drowned out the comedy though. Williams too, just seemed like he was “there”… He wasn’t his crazy self and it really showed. I don’t know if this was because of the directing, the plot, or the awful writing job…. But it showed nonetheless. I laughed a few times, yes… It was sit-able, but didn’t keep me rolling on the floor like I usually expect from Williams.

    Sorry Mork, gotta give you 1 Katana.

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    Robin Williams is talented, but I don't know why he gets signed up for these idiotic films.

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