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Thread: Greetings :) :)

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    Greetings :) :)

    I posted in Evil Way about this dream I had last night about Yserbius and all of its denizens...that means everyone here was part of it So I Googled Yserbius and found *HOME* Well, so to speak

    How y'all doing? Feeling a little older, hmmm? I know I am {{{{HUGS}}}} Hope that helps It's been years since I have seen some of these names but the memories they bring back make it feel like yesterday And the stories I have to tell about some of you (will accept bribes in the form of *HUGS* to keep quiet)

    If any of you remember me, you'll notice I still don't know where that blasted "dot-thingy" is on the keyboard and have to end all sentences with a smile Or, maybe it's because I am so happy to see all of you again

    (suddenly goes quiet because she realized they might *NOT* remember her or her blasted illogical way of ending sentences) EEEEPPP! Hadn't thought of that...DOH! Well, *I* remember *YOU* and that makes me just as happy

    If anyone feels like playing "catch up on the good old days," please reply to this post or send an email Unless of course, and totally possible, I've messed up my profile and you find yourself emailing some hapless sheep rancher in Mongolia Won't he be surprised

    {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} to you all and remember to always dream the good ones...just like I did last night!!


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    Welcome home Vel! Greetings and well met!
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    Ah, Veldare. I remember you, certainly.

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    Smile Home!!!

    Welcome home!!! ((((Hugs)))) *passes out ice cold ales she slipped out of Tiger's cooler*

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    Hello Sly! LTNS
    Welcome home!


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    {{{ }}} lonnnnng time no see 5 nice to see you back around the ol' folks home XD

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