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    Dear Friend, Lady to whom I shared many secrets with, Friend who was there for me on countless Occasions. Your time among us in the Halls of Yserbius was noted by many. For you the battle crys of Yserbius sound distant as you embark on a new Journey in a distant realm. Making way for those of us to one day follow. Battle Well my dear friend may the Lights of Yserbius Surround you. .....Slohand ```

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    *sigh* ye told me about this only this morning, and I'm still not sure it's hit home. FD was a good friend to me as well, and I had many a long conversation with this wonderful lady. I will miss you, sweet lady. Farewell!

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    Re: FireDancer

    Wow, I suppose that knowing what I did of her medical history, I shouldn't be surprised... but still... she was a good friend and confidante, and there for me during some tough online times. Fare you most well, whereever you come to rest, my name-sister.

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    Re: FireDancer

    <hangs head, says a silent farewell>

    Fare well on your next venture, FD. You will be missed.

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    Re: FireDancer

    Oh...FireDancer, lady who made me honorable guild member if only to piss off Thyrm...

    For all the hours of comfort, joy, friendship, laughter, fun and sisterhood. For all the opportunities to make witty fun of people behind their backs...

    To hear your name again is sweet and it rings through my ears with your wisdom and laughter.

    To hear of your fall is to know you pass from this land where your flame burns brighter and your laughter rings true.

    You have been and will be dearly missed, my lady.


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    *Sigh* I had no idea FD was ill. While I knew not much of her personal matters, our lives were inevitably intertwined in the game. Travel well, dear lady.

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    This is not the first time I read this news yet I feel like my tears are falling as if it were.

    ` FD `

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    I only joined TM because of you, darling. Are missed.

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    <wistful sigh> Just found an Xmas card I got from FD today...

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    oh Dear : ( I'm so sad about learning of this here today. She was such a wonderful person, and I also will miss seeing her among everyone here.

    May you fly with the Angel's Firedancer and shine your light in Heaven

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