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Thread: FireDancer

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    I was afraid I'd find a post like this, but... at least now I know.

    You are someone I'll never forget FeeDee... in fact, you're one of the reasons I find myself back here.

    I lost contact with her probably about 5 years ago, and although I knew this day would come... it saddens me more than I expected. At least now she can rest...


    Does anyone have any more information about when? Please feel free to PM me.

    :/ FireDancer ` ...I will remember you forever.

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    Dry, I think I heard it in 2004. I do not have any details though, I found out through a third party at the time.

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    IH told me about her a few weeks ago, and my heart was very heavy when I heard. FD was an awsome soul, and I wish her journey the best. She made my time in TM very enjoyable and I can only wish her the same on her new journey.

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    A true loss

    The light that was FireDancer will never dim in my memory...she was as warm and as nurturing as the fire that was her name as well as a personal inspiration to me. I knew she was ill and in pain but she was always there...a beacon shining in the darkness...bright, cheerful and full of life.

    Dance on, FeeDee, light the way for the rest of us!

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    It saddens me to learn of FireDancer's passing to the other side ~ we had so many memorable times together early in the morning with Balor and Thrym with their often maddening ways ~~ a RP friend in the Tavern and in the real ~ whom I lost contact with after the demise of TSN. Rest gently, dear sister and thank you. May your star shine always as brightly as your soul did.

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    well look what the cat dragged in.

    Tragedy to hear that FD died. I suppose the only consolation is that it wasn't really unexpected.

    How's it hangin, Dryden?

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