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    A little late but....

    I took the kids to Eragon, they like dragons and so far I'm succesfully polluting them with the genre also... anyway.... I enjoyed it and it kept the kids occupied (8 and 5). Differed from the book but I still can't wait until the 3rd book and 2nd movie comes out. I went through the books in 4 days and did want to keep reading.

    It will get added to my DVD collection. If you like the dragons, fights, magic - all that stuff we love and adore, go see it and kill an afternoon.

    On a side note, the author got some of flack with some comparisons to Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. For example, Eragon, the last dragon rider (Luke Skywalker last jedi) trained by an old drunkard, who happens to have been a dragon rider (Obi Wan Kenobi), orcs, magic, get the point. Many books and stories can be compared to others or at least a basic story line. They almost did not do the movie because they couldn't find an actor to play Eragon, it was toward the end of casting that they found one and proceeded with the movie.

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    When I first seen the previews with the dragon riders I thought it was a DragonLance movie... I was disappointed it was not. I heard the Eragon books are good, but how'd it beat DL to the big screen?

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    I haven't seen it yet and it's on my list of movies to see when it comes out on DVD. But my first impression is LOTR meets Dragon Riders of Pern. But yeh, I have heard the Star Wars connection which is kind of wierd, not sure I've heard a movie being compaired to Star Wars... Alteast not in recent memory.
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    I'm waiting for the Dragonlance movie also. I'll be in line for that one. The first Dungeon and Dragons movie let me down a bit but I still enjoyed it. I like movies The second one however, didn't excite me a lot.

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    Well put some dragons, some casters and tanks in a film and I am there.

    At time i can say the acting in Eragon was kinda poor particurly toward the end but I love this genre or movie so much I let some of the acting go and submersed myself in the adventure.

    I like them, They need to make more in fact I am up for a new batch of Spagetti D&D movies, Clint Eastwood gets ressurected by a Cleric and comes back for some serious kick butt revenge, 6 hours of searching through a distant realm for treausures buried in the tomb of the unknown halfling. The title,, " The Harmony, The Chaos, and the astetically challenged"

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    Just finished the book.

    The "he ripped off Tolkein and/or Star Wars" argument can be applied to almost any Post-LOTR work. I think that's why Harry Potter became a phenom, it was something unique that resonated with a lot of people.

    I still remember reading The Sword of Shannara and wondering how in the hell Terry Brooks didn't get sued by the Tolkein estate. There is using iconic elements of a story, and then there is blatent rip-off. Sword is the latter.

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