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Thread: World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

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    Atoner, Terokkar server (Horde).
    35 Warlock

    It's my most recent choice of home. I was DarkKnight in YS and Etone in Asheron's Call.

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    Oh yes, I'm on WoW!

    I've been playing for awhile now... I have a bunch of toons -all on the Scarlet Crusade Server, all Alliance :

    Baddream (76 Warlock)
    Brokendreams (80 Paladin)
    Dreamstopper (80 Warrior)
    Dreamscaper (64 Shaman)
    Strangedream (45 Rogue)
    Frozendreams (45 Mage)
    Lunardreams (30 Druid)
    Wickeddream (34 Hunter)
    Unholydream (70 Death Knight)

    Plus a priest who gets played almost never. Yes, I got stuck in a rut with the "Dream/s" motif ... but some damned poser took "IRONHORSE," and well... Blizz made me change all the variations of Ironhorse I had all my toons named.

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    I used to play on Scarlet Crusade (Alliance) and Eonar (both sides). I however just did not find enough entertainment in WoW.
    I divide my time between EQ2 and Vanguard currently.
    The Artist Once Known as BloodCelt

    Basterni - Pouncing Pwny - Landroval - LOTRO
    Basterni - No Means No - Kaas City - SW:TOR
    Basterni - Titans Fleet - STO

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    Garhon/Druid - 30 PVE

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    Hey guys,

    Criss (aka Gawaine - now known as Aramyr and Pwylle) and I (now known as Ldediana and Pendraegon) are Alliance on the Malygos server. We have lvl 70 priest, hunter, mage and paladin. Excalibur guild has about 480 members and we are starting to get the end game instances down. Drop by our site at to see what we have been up to since the good ole days. We are also in Vanguard on the Hilsbur server if anyone is there.

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    Sadly, I have not attempted to find any new online game since the demise of Yserbius.

    Greetings, Vader! Glad to see you posting here. *fondly recalls the battles of the knights that used to occur in the volcano under the auspices of Excalibur*

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    Elune, Alliance, 70 Night Elf Warrior (Hypereon)

    I've seen a few <(something) of Yserbius> around... pretty sure it's on Elune, or maybe my old server, Whisperwind. Don't remember if it's KOY, but there are still a few Yserbites out there

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    Masters of Yserbius on Elune

    Several of us from the days of cano at INN are on Elune Alliance side, and a some of us also have Horde characters on Elune under the name of Misfits of Yserbius. Either way we are MoY.

    I am usually on my Paladin, Thormoy on the Alliance side, or Mordgarn my hunter on Horde side of Elune. It was so great to have someone ask me what is Yserbius the other day, and be able to fill them in.

    MoY Champion

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    I used to play, but have long thought of hosting my own personal server.... there are a few out there, MaNGos and WowwoW... Not sure if anyone would play on one, and the fact that it takes more bandwidth than most mmo rpgs.

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    Main one is named Lree...

    Server: Tanaris
    Faction: Alliance
    Lvl 59 Human (Fire) Mage

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