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Thread: World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

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    World of Warcraft, server? Faction? Class? Level?

    So i wanted to start a thread and find out who plays World of Warcraft?

    Please post your Server, Faction (A or H) Class or Classes and Levels?

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    Wynder: 70 Warrior

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    Sweat 54 Druid

    Edit! Per Listle's request pls see LoTR Thread if interested.

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    Undermine, Alliance as Tanglewood, level 17 Draenai hunter

    What about LotR Online, anyone planning on playing? If so, perhaps we should start another thread so we can all try to make it onto one server!

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    Had a 60 Warrior and Druid horde side on Laughing Skull, a 60 Hunter alliance side on Gorefiend. Didn't like the direction of the game so I cancelled.

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    I had a 60 Human Paladin on Eredar, a 60 Dwarf Priest on Blackhand, and a 60 Tauren Druid on Llane, but I too quit ages ago. I want my time back :P

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    Maelstrom, Alliance side, characters at all different levels.

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    Kul Tiras, Alliance

    Kestrel - 63.5 NE Rogue
    Talonis - 63 NE Hunter
    Falken - 62 NE Rogue
    Osprey - 55 HU Priest

    and more...

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    Alliance / Kilrogg
    70 Mage Meju

    Alliance / Kilrogg
    60 Paladin Dragosanni

    Alliance / Kilrogg
    14 Shaman PieTaster

    Horde / Cho'gall
    60 Priest PieTaster

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    Ice Crown server.. Alliance

    just started playing again after a year-long break.. believe it or not, for starting midnight the day the game opened, I still don't have anyone at even lvl 50

    47 gnome mage (Trouble)
    and 9 others lvl 41 and under, varying class/race combos.

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