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Thread: LoTR (Lord of The Rings) Where are you playing?

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    LoTR (Lord of The Rings) Where are you playing?

    Anyone playing Beta? or intending on playing. This thread here will let folks know where the others are playing in case anyone will be wanting to meet up with others they know.!

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    Hi All,

    I am playing LOTRO on FireFoot server as Daven

    I'm the Founder of "The Fellowship" kinship (guild)... we've got about 95+ members.

    Look me up and we'll venture together again.


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    Too funny! I have a friend in that fellowship on that server I am playing on Silverlode as different Ards - Ardyth, Ardyel, Ardwyn.

    I wondered if any of y'all were going to play and knew this would be the best place to figure it out!

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    Listle... that's funny that your friend is in "The Fellowship"... what's his/her name?

    btw, any interest in starting a branch of "TF" on your server?

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    Playing on Landroval, Mainly Creepside.

    Basterni - Rank 5 Warg

    Quietstorm - Rank 1 Hunter

    The Artist Once Known as BloodCelt

    Basterni - Pouncing Pwny - Landroval - LOTRO
    Basterni - No Means No - Kaas City - SW:TOR
    Basterni - Titans Fleet - STO

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    I was going to play this game, but I quickly found out their billing system sucks they accused me of trying to scam them when I first tried to make an account. Shortly thereafter I found out their customer service sucked even worse took two weeks for someone to to answer my question about why they thought I was trying to scam them and then got some runaround about how the system sometimes falsely tags someone. Then said to call them and theyd take my card info over the phone at which I said no I do not use my card over a phone besides the long period of time it took for them to answer my many emails told me all I needed to know about them anyway. But playing the 2 week trial was fun too bad they didn't follow up very well on making me a paid member. I've since deleted the game off the pc.

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