We got to catch a few new releases this weekend, one of them being Flags of our Fathers . The general view of the movie was a story about the American imposed ‘heroes’ of Iwa Jima. I say American imposed, as the vets of that war didn’t consider themselves as such. The movie basically revolved around the three men that were sent home because of a picture that swept the nation and became, probably, one of the most well known iconic photos in history.

I came into the movie with to much expectation, which later resulted in a sort of empty feeling by the time the movie was over. Its not to say the movie was bad, I don’t think it was. After seeing Band of Brothers, and even Saving Private Ryan before that, I was thinking this movie would be as moving and heart pounding. I think that’s why I sort of felt empty; I was comparing it to those time piece flicks. It also had a lot of political overtones which to me, could have been toned down. Could it have worked better if they had? Eh, I don’t know. It was as much a story about politics as it was about the men fighting the war, which might have contributed to the lack of attachment I had for the characters.

That aside, I think the movie was solid. It was easy to fallow despite the constant jumping around it was doing. The acting was solid and was really well done. It’s kind of hard to get the viewers involved in the conflict when you only have two hours to do it in and in some degree, it did accomplish that, though I think the consent jumping around, deterred that some as well as the previous mention of politics. Worth all the hype and Oscar and Golden Globe hype? Ehhhhh…. I guess. It was a different way of telling a time piece, Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg began. With that in mind, I would have to say he did a good job. Clint Eastwood probably wouldn’t have gotten all the praise if he had followed in Tom and Steven’s footsteps. All in all, I’ll give this one Three Katana’s.