Another movie we picked up this weekend was the The Illusionist. Set in a time period some time ago, yeh, not sure when. Anyway, the story follows a man who met a magician on his way home one day which changed the course of his life from that point on. He fell in love as a young adult, which of course, was taken from him. Zip ahead to present day Vienna where he wows crowds with a seemingly supernatural magical skill (David Copperfield ain’t got nothing on him.). When all of a sudden the girl he lost comes back into his life, as a duchess getting ready to marry a self-important prince. Things go down hill and a lot of slight of hand later, the movie is over.

The movie was pretty good. Edward Norton is pretty cool in his magician role and makes an awesome illusionist. The other players in the movie are pretty solid. And, that’s about it. You don’t get to attached to anyone at any point which is kind of a shame. The editing in the movie was, uh, interesting. I think they cut the movie down to far, leaving a lot of gaps in scenes. The illusions and magic was awesome of course, not over the top, and somewhat believable. Ok, maybe not all of them. Probably the ONE peeve I have with the movie was the end and not to give away anything here, but I kind of looked at it like: “How does he (Inspector Uhl) know all this?” He wasn’t present for most of it, so it’s all hypothetical to him. If you see it, I think you’ll catch my meaning. It would have been better if the Inspector Uhl (played by Paul Giamatti) was at least told about the events that he envisioned, or realized ala-The Usual Suspects.

Aside from the lacking points I made above, it’s a decent, popcorn flick. So sit down when you want to kill an hour and half and watch this two Katana movie.