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Thread: Old board theme returning

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    Old board theme returning

    After much searching for a new theme for the board we have decided to just bring back the old Medival Theme from the old forum. for those of you who were not arround here is a sample of how the board will look when it is done.

    Because there is not version of this theme on the internet available for Vbulletin forum software, we are customizing this template ourselves. thanks for your support .... Slohand

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    The "new" "OLD" look is wonderful! Thank you for your efforts!

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    Nice Look!

    Quote Originally Posted by kajira View Post
    The "new" "OLD" look is wonderful! Thank you for your efforts!
    Nice job, Slohand! I was quite startled when I peeked in here today!

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    Love it Thanks Slo!

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    What happened to the mana and hp and level stats?

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    That was a phpBB add-on.... And as far as I know, there isn't one for vBulliton... Also, we've cut way back on hacks or extra's for security reasons too.
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