I want to prefrice this review with: “I ENJOY Robin Williams as a comedian and actor.” But his latest choice of movie appearances leave me wondering, “What was he thinking?!?” Man of the Year has been out awhile, and I’m sure people have already ripped it a new one from here to AOHELL, but still, I must add my two coppers worth.

Anyway, the movie is about a comedic communitarian, sort of like the Daily Show with John Stewert. A few suggestions later and he’s suddenly in the running to become president of the United States. Great concept, poor execution. Then there’s the conspiracy with the voting machines fixing the race due to a programming error. Bad sub plot.

"To MUCH" is all I have to say. The movie had it’s good chuckles here and there, but that aside, it tried to be dramatic and comedic, and it failed at both. The plot was lose and forced and well, wasn’t worth having Robin Williams name on it. So, if you want to lose a few hours of your life, then don’t watch this, go watch traffic instead. Prolly more entertaining in the long run. Half Katana Mork, sorry.