Movie watching season is pretty much getting warmed up. Starting the summer with flaming skulls and killer screen time is GhostRider. Based off the Comic by Marvel, I was already physiced to see it. After some so-so feelings with the other movies Mark Steven Johnson did for Marvel (Daredevil and Electra respectively) I was kind of leery going into the theater. The movie starts of with a little back story where we find Johnny Blaze trying to be a kid living as a carnie. Well, his father is dieing and the Devil comes along to console the grief stricken boy. A good deal goes bad before we find Johnny cheating death at every turn then turning into the bad ass bounty hunter GhostRider.

I’m not too familiar with the Marvel lore having only read a few of the GR comics, so maybe that was my saving grace here. The movie starts off slow, but then picks up as hell begins to breaks loose. Solid action, good effects and of course, GhostRider was an all around BAD ASS. The acting was ok, nothing spectacular to mention in that regards. The only thing I have to say is Nicholas Cage (Johnny Blaze) was eh. I think they should have cast a no or little named actor. This would have served two purposes: Sequels will be more likely to happen, when your main actor won’t be asking for breakneck amounts of money. And second, they would have given the character more feeling, and less “Nick Cage” type acting. Another sore spot I had was how easy and fast the bad guys fell. It didn’t seem epic to me and kind of left me feeling cheated.

All around the movie was worth the price of admission. The action was spectacular, the effects were good and well, Eva Mendes’s (Roxanne Simpson) cleavage. ‘Nuff said. Two and a Half Katana’s.