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    Movie - TMNT (Movie)

    Took Emily to go see TMNT this weekend and she enjoyed it quite a lot. But I think her daddy enjoyed it more. Having grown up with the original movies, I had a lot of expectations and fears. We’ll discuss those in a moment.

    A small back story starts the movie off, giving us a glimpse of the type of monsters the turtles will be dealing with by the end of the flick. A few of the turtle voices are familiar, but none of the orginal cast returned this time around to lend their talents (Could have fooled me, Mikey sounded exactly like he did in the orginal movie) The flick picks up and of course there’s a underlining story and moral. Which comes to a head near the end when, well….You’ll have to see it. (Raph.vs Leo... 'Nuff said!) The end of the flick was nice, as they pulled all three of the orginal movies together, with a slight nod/homage. Nice touch guys.

    Like I mentioned, I had my reservations on the movie. Having read a few interviews with various people attached to the film didn’t help calm any of those fears. But I have to say, that the movie was great. It turned out to be BETTER then I expected and buried all doubts I might have had. Each one of the turtles hit it head on with style, flair, and comedy. Also, the sound track to the movie was solid, though it did miss that certain “VilliaIce” flair. But still the movie’s music was fitting with the pace of action. I really can’t say enough good things about the way this movie turned out. By the end, there was hints of a sequel… Could this be? I just hope they learned their lesion with the first turtle trilogy. But, till that happens…. This one’s defiantly 3 Katana’s… Why not four? Because an hour and a half was just NOT long enough!

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    I've been curious about TMNT. I'm glad you didn't get bored. Did Cam Clarke reprise his role as Leonardo? He has such a distinctive voice.

    I saw TMNT for Xbox360 at Comic Con, that looked fun :P

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    Actually, none of the orginal voices returned... I swear they had though... Hmmm... Corrected that in my review.

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