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Thread: Dragon Court open for business

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    no no no rap... i was just getting into yer new tunes!

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    You're right. I couldn't go through with that threat.

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    How about some poetry.

    There once was a fighter named Rick,
    on whom his friends played a trick.
    He hooked up with a maid,
    But when he got laid,
    He found out that she had a dick.

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    <Spys lights a'glow in the tav. Just outside the door he hears a sweet melody...>
    Quote Originally Posted by Fleetwood View Post
    "So you think you can drink all my kegs dry
    Sounds like a challenge
    <Enters the tav> Fleet, Tater, Slo! Someone ale me!
    You bloody rock Fleet

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    "I was beginning to think that the 'cano got you, boy."

    (pours ale)

    "Like what I've done to the place? I bought if off of Tater."

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    "We have a few new features since you've been in last. Over there is the dartboard with the phantasmal darts. I don't have to worry about holes in my walls."

    "Next is the juke-box. I don't know why they call it juke when the bard inside it can hardly move at all."

    "Over there is the whack-a-gnome game. That reminds to order a few spare gnomes. The barbarians are murder at that game."

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    Gnome Tossing?

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    "Nay Lord Slohand, we are not so uncouth."

    "The object is simple, there are nine holes where the gnomes stick there heads up through randomly. Use this hammer to whack them down when they pop up to score points."

    "Use of performance enhancing enchantments are not allowed."

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    think i will give this a try, Gnome bashing! this could catch on!

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