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  • I can't decide, AfterShock Max goina be there?

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Thread: INN-vasion Reunion?

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    If we get enough showed support for this... Maybe NW Angel will come out of retirement for a reunion gathering....
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    hmmmmm nwangel did an awesome job for our empiriana gathering a few years ago..... first time I'd ever been introduced to a warp core.

    this past summer hubby & I met some friends from Asheron's Call/World of Warcraft there and they now have 3 types of dry ice drinks.... the warp core & two others.

    you do realize if a gathering like this occured - it wouldn't be one drink calling us, we'd have to go, sit there, and drink one of each before moving on to other things

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    Heh...I went to what I believe was the last (or next-to-last) of the Vegas gatherings put on by NWAngel; I wore her dagger to dinner.

    Depending on when, I would love to attend again!

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    Greetings Slik :/

    Welcome to back to almost home :P

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    it was supposed to be her last, slik lol they convinced her to do one more I believe (unless it was after ours.. but I think she came out of "retirement" for the one I was at... I think lol)

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    Well I would come, but only after a totally clear understanding was reached by all that -

    1. Online isn't the same as Offline for me and vice versa

    2. I can't drink for shit... my eyeballs get hot and I giggle, so - I don't drink MUCH.

    3. Balor would hook me up with spy glass cameras to ensure that I didn't need rescuing from myself, in his opinion, but he'd never embrace the concept that anybody online is real and should be socialized with (besides me).

    4. Where I am brash here, I am soft there. However, I DO have wings. I don't know why, but I'm sure thats meaningful.

    I was just talking to Balor about going to Las Vegas next year. What dates? I would love to meet anybody that isn't (truly) vicious of nature, bitchy for real, petty, stupid, or mean spirited. I don't do poison.

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    Of all the gatherings I've been to, I have yet to meet anyone that was an ass in real life, as they are online... And I met my wife there, so it can't be bad!

    Drinking is not requiered... Iif you buy Max a shot or two, you'll get entertained for hours...
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    I reck’n I could attend… be’n if they let me outta the nervous hospital in time. Doctor says I’m well umm hmm! You reck’n they got them there french fried taters in Vegas? umm hmm...

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    Anyone that signed you Fit for interaction with the general public, needs to be commited themselves...
    "If the earth were flesh, then it would bleed our blood." -Tiger

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    I find your lack of faith in my doc disturbing. Put your neck in my hand...

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