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    Wondering about others...

    Wow's loot system makes me cry. The ability to roll on things just triggers the absolute worst of my possessiveness ;p I used to play guild wars, but i got kinda bored of it. now i don't play anything, other than capcom vs snk 2 (Street Fighter ;p)
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    Hey, I remember you!
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    Spinner Kendro's story time...

    Hehe, it was amusing how many Tanis Half Elvens there were.. amongst the Raistlins, Kitiaras and all the other DragonLance characters.
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    Eep! ;p

    Great, someone let Logan out of his cell. Now I'm never going to be able to steal anything. Bastard grabs everything not glued down, and some shit that is.
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    Wondering about others...

    hey bro. ACing still? lol, I remember BG. Kitt was huge friends with her, so I used to hang out iwth her all the time.
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    LOOKING FOR LOST MRAers & Other Friends

    TASHA! you never write, you never call. You never email, and you never message me. Some sister you are!
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    Okay, here's my list

    I never replied here, it looks like. Dammit. I thought I did. I did start using Fionn on YS, he was my sparring character as Fates was a mage. I actually made Fionn after Sunny told me to make a knight... hahaha. She was the one who taught me to spar.
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    All friends from my list..

    I know Chas was in Vegas with us, but I don't remember if she came to Quark's with us or not. She is Max and Ram's sister.
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    DTF Members

    I was DTF for a while thanks to our dear Sunny here. I remember Eclo and SP, I remember Winter's name but have nothing with it.
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    BC's List

    That's probably true, I spent my early INN years on Twinion when it had just come out, then I moved to Yserbius. Thyrm certainly had no shortage of bitching targets, but I don't think you guys were around very often when I was a Merc on YS... as short lived a career as that was.
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    BC's List

    I never heard him even mention your name actually...
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    All friends from my list..

    Was Chas with us? I can't remember if it was the entire gang or not.
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    Emerald, where are you?

    You never were much of an Anarch in the days of Logan I guess... I seem to remember interacting with Logan a lot when we were together, but I guess that was because I hopped on HG to talk to SK and him fairly often.
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    Misty memories....

    Momma! How's Riddler? --Fionn aka Fates and sometimes Hazridi
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    Charlotte and Carly

    Wait, people paid for YS?