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    State of Yserbius WoW address January 30th 2013

    PVP might be a deal-breaker for me :( I don't care when two people decide to battle it out...but I hate being jumped by total strangers...errr...that didn't come out quite the way I intended :) I finally made a fighter on Yserbius...a gremlin, what else?...and pumped her up to a ridiculous...
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    I have full installation of INN on CD

    Wasn't there a stand-alone version of Yserbius? It came out after the collapse of INN, I think...but don't quote me on that because my memory ain't what it used to be, along with everything else <roflol> I had a copy of it...but it was painful to play because I was all...
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    Come join Shadows of Yserbius guild on Bleeding Hollow Alliance side.

    I simply cannot start another online game...should not...will not...oh, what the heck! Maybe I'll try it while DH is in Hong Kong :) Or, I might start a Yserbius guild in LOTRO, which has been taking up entirely too much of my time <roflol>
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    People I'm looking for

    <lol> I just reread these posts...I was *NOT* in my 60's then...but I am now :p Listen, you can hear my bones creaking as I type <roflol> I am *STILL* playing online RPGs but, despite all the technical advances, there will never be anything like Yserbius nor will there be players like the...
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    INN-vasion Reunion?

    <sigh> A reunion would be wonderful :) Even if it's just for coffee and a danish <lol>
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    Article: The Shadow of Yserbius II "The Return" Storyline!

    Love where it's headed :) Can't wait for an update :)
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    Vel! I haven't seen you in ages!! How's life been treating you?? See what your "testing" message produced?? ME! ;p {{{{HUGS}}}} -Vel (too, sorta, kinda)
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    Who was this?

    That terrible event... Yes, I remember this tragedy...just forgot to add the years. They'd no longer be small children, would they? Yet another sign of how things past can seem like they happened yesterday!
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    A Homecoming of Sorts

    LTNS, Dry! Another name from the past :) The last time I saw you was "in the MUD," so to speak :) How are things going? Still down south? I was so sorry to hear about FeeDee; she was unique among us all :)
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    People I'm looking for

    {{{Tickle...tickle...tickle}}}} Hello, IH :) I am here now where are you, hmmmm? {{{{HUGS}}}}
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    Greetings :) :)

    I posted in Evil Way about this dream I had last night about Yserbius and all of its denizens...that means everyone here was part of it :D So I Googled Yserbius and found *HOME* :) Well, so to speak :) How y'all doing? Feeling a little older, hmmm? I know I am :) {{{{HUGS}}}} Hope that...
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    I remember being really down one day and didn't end all of my sentences with a smile and he caught it and asked what was wrong. I don't remember the reason for my sadness but I remember his concern and how he cheered me on a dark day. That was Axelrod, even his name made me smile :)
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    In honor of Kit.

    Kit would have appreciated the irony in this... I had a dream last night about Yserbius and days of yore and all the people that made me smile and that included the Celts and their wonderful roleplaying. I resolved today to try and find as much that remained of that happy home and my search...
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    Who was this?

    I started reading this tread and became, as usual, totally confused...my semi-constant state when on TSN/INN...thinking this event was recent, that they had been killed in some terrible accident. But now I remember a dreadful time, typing for hours, trying to calm some painfully frightened and...
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    A true loss The light that was FireDancer will never dim in my memory...she was as warm and as nurturing as the fire that was her name as well as a personal inspiration to me. I knew she was ill and in pain but she was always there...a beacon shining in the darkness...bright, cheerful and full...