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  1. Sneakers

    Yserbius Idol poll

    lol this is so funny.. Sneakers' own little 'contribution' was really just a roleplay thing not meant as a talent exhibit. But, thankee nonetheless! And who the heck voted for me hahaha, cracks me up
  2. Sneakers


    talent for mayhem = Into the tavern Sneakers swiftly walks, a look of determination etched upon his face. He scans the room, eyes darting back and forth among the multitude of people assembled inside. Too many standing and talking, too many clumped together in tight groups, all obscuring his...
  3. Sneakers

    A Discovery

    =The shriek of terror that only a girl could make reaches the top of the tavern, where Sneakers finds himself plunging something down a chimney shaft. He knows that sound, that voice. Why, its dear ol' pops! He looks in the direction from where it's coming, standing on his tippy toes on the...
  4. Sneakers

    Where's the party

    =curiously approaches the parrot= "Aren't we a dirty little bird! Yes, we are! haha." =reaches in pocket, finds a cracker and feeds it to the bird= "erm, thatll be the only thing Ill have to do with your beak!" =strokes its head, laughing= =listens to Lilly, lookin at pops= ""Leeches...
  5. Sneakers

    Where's the party

    =looks down at plate= "Hey! Half my snakemeat is gone! Who..." =looks to where Lilly points, at the tug of war over the blanket= "Hah, looks like the puppy thinks better of her without the blanket! Can't say I disagree with him!" =looks back to Lilly, now unknowingly holding an empty plate=...
  6. Sneakers

    Where's the party

    =A rattle is heard upstairs, followed by a thunder of footsteps as the lively young man descends the stairs in fierce determination, a thick blanket wrapped around him. Before he reaches the bottom, Sneakers leaps over the railing and stretches his arms out making a cape of the blanket, and...