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  1. BloodCelt

    What Online Game are you Playing?

    I'm on Kaas City in the Old Republic (not sure how much longer with recent tech issues) I still play Star Trek Online and fight in the Moors in Lord of the Rings Online (Landroval) Had a solid PvMP community from launch until a few months ago.. now, not so much.
  2. BloodCelt


    looks like she is about to beat someone up with that Fly Swatter. Cute kid. BC
  3. BloodCelt

    I once was lost...

    Sweet Jebus.. Lookit all the old names! Hope you folks are doing well. Bast (Artist formaly known as BC)
  4. BloodCelt

    Dexter Dexter Dexter 1 show left this season!!

    Been a Dexter fan since Season 1. This season is looking to be up to the standard of Seasons 1 and 2. (3 was sorta meh to me) BC
  5. BloodCelt

    Thanksgiving Thread

    You folks all have a happy holiday season. remember to abuse strangers with misplaced anger at Christmas! It's tradition! BC~/
  6. BloodCelt

    2009 Update

    Just thought I would pop by and say howdy to everyone. I'm still a dedicated LOTRO player, and having a good time. Hope all old friends and enemies are doing well. Basterni AKA- The Artist formaly known as BloodCelt
  7. BloodCelt

    KOY Birth

    ugh! Wish her my best man. BC
  8. BloodCelt

    KOY Birth

    If you still have MSN messenger, drop me a line man. Have.nt heard from you guys in ages.
  9. BloodCelt

    KOY Birth

    WoW causes acne.. flee! Basterni (The artist formaly known as BloodCelt)
  10. BloodCelt


    heh, I just came across a PCGamer CD from a decade ago with Empiriana on it.. I'm usualy good at remembering my old passwords and such, but I can't for the life of me remember what I used in those days. I enjoyed my time on Emp a great deal. BC aka Basterni these days.
  11. BloodCelt

    Ask a question?

    I can answer that one! Babies come from a bottle of Jack and a lack of preparation or/ emotionally vulnerable single females at their friends wedding with a wide selection of mixed drinks. BC
  12. BloodCelt

    Ask a question?

    How big is too big? BC
  13. BloodCelt

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Joyious Festivus to all Ho Ho AROOoo! BC AKA- Basterni the Warg
  14. BloodCelt

    LoTR (Lord of The Rings) Where are you playing?

    Playing on Landroval, Mainly Creepside. Basterni - Rank 5 Warg Quietstorm - Rank 1 Hunter BC
  15. BloodCelt

    The Youtube thread

    It's not a Youtube vid, but a wmv. Some of the recordings of PvP on my home server on LOTR. Even has my new persona in the form of Basterni Lockjaw in the second act ;p http://www.pouncingpwny.com/phpBB2/video/Pwn5a.wmv
  16. BloodCelt

    Lord of the Rings: Online

    Dunno how many folks have tried Turbines new effort to the MMO market, but I was suprised to discover it a few weeks ago. I (and a handful of other Ys Vets) have been having a good time. If you play LotR:online on the Landroval server, send a hello to Quietstorm or Bloodcelt in the PvE side...
  17. BloodCelt

    The Youtube thread

    Dead Body Prank http://www.break.com/index/dumping_a_dead_body_prank.html Canadian Study: Spiders and Drugs http://www.break.com/index/effect_of_drugs_and_alcohol_on_spider_webs.html
  18. BloodCelt

    New Yserbius Guild Roster

    BloodCelt See's all, Knows all, says little. We're on Summer Break, taking a few layers of pale off our white fishbellylike skin. BC
  19. BloodCelt

    Jack Thompson, Professional Crackhead

    They love him on Fox "News" Channel. BC
  20. BloodCelt

    Pending Geek Riot

    Get your nerd on! Lets see if they get it right. Star Trek Online