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  1. Ensaneti

    Yserbius Idol poll

    We could make some very interesting cha cha cha's should we ever dance together, Lady China, though the Hokey Pokey is still my favorite. Perhaps you have a spare body part or two you'd like to put in or take out? Thats what its all about. Knits a pair of seven toed socks with the femurs of -...
  2. Ensaneti


    Death Dance +Death Dance+ (for Nosferatu aka Zack) The tavern door blew open, the night rushed in, while the candles and smoking oil lamps blew out. The expected cries of surprise from the patrons of Dragon Court were curiously absent, the silence heavy and deep, thick with magicks and rituals...
  3. Ensaneti

    Lets all RP badly. On Purpose.

    glides in, casually patting out flaming bits of tattered skirt Who double parked the Dragon in the Vampiress Crossing? Smiles reassuringly, fangs glinting. I need an old priest, a young priest, a pizza, and a large mirror.
  4. Ensaneti

    Embrace Ensaneti

    A tender hand, cold and undeniable, gripped Cyren's shoulder - turning her away from the table and the flowers to face the hunger in glowing eyes. Oh Honey, I'm home... Raising a delicate wrist to her mouth for a chilling kiss, a gleaming fang traced the thin line of blue before lips were...
  5. Ensaneti

    New Blood

    Deep within the swamp an ornate marble crypt is shoved open. Dust explodes outward as deathly pale hands slap at a gown layed in the proof of a decade's long sleep. Fee Fi Foe Fum, I smell the blood of Yserbians. Be they big or be they small, I'll sink my fangs into them all... Sitting up and...