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    Have you stopped working on YS Classic

    well yall are doing a hell of a job regardless , dont let the man get ya down ! and if there is something i can do to help it along just pm me or post here ive been captureing wep and armor pics from around the net as i see em that i think would fit nicely , im afraid i dont know much about...
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    Have you stopped working on YS Classic

    im thinking people are on vacation atm, i been wanting to play myself , but i think its great that anyone is even trying to get this online at all
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    Original Show of Yserbius

    hrm ill have to try that i still dont have sound i was using DosBox to run it tho
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    what chew talkin bout willis ?
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    Lov ~~}=====>

    Aye lady kate sounds familar to me as well ., lol ill be damned if i remember most of the names (or any for that matter ) myself lol i remember the king was a wizard and the queen was a ranger heh that was about it =/
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    Weapons (56k Users Beware)

    nunchukas , and might i add a monk class ;O perosnally i love the monk class not sure how others feel , actually i havent really done my homework on ys2 to see what yall have as far as classes ect . i know in the original ys pretty much any fighting classes could do just as much damage as the...
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    Yserbius Online Update

    hrm didnt see picture , i just joined the siter not too long ago , was apparently right after some hacking or a crash i beleive , so are yall telling me that the original YS is online and yall are playing together ? hehe how and where ? im def interested
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    i know teamspeak and the like are very useful for action packed games but even for the slower paced games of old like YS they are a neat attribute besides its better than typing =D
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    Ruins of Cawdor

    there isnt a way to play this offline is there ?
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    Vitamin F

    wasnt there a way to jump across the map something like right click then left click on map ??
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    Lov ~~}=====>

    Lovers of Vampires i beleive is the name of the guild i was in , my char name was Bane dont remember if i had others tenderbarb and lady grey or something similar to falcon . man i cant remember lol anyway if you know me or where in that guild send a shot out
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    Lady seeks news of lovers/enemies - which are you?

    Hrm i had a character named Bane and i was in some sort of vampire guild , wow its been so long i think iremember lady china tho , heh this is great now if i could just get my DL of yserbius to work ..