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  1. moltar

    Making my own yserbius :)

    Hi, some months ago I started making my own "yserbius like" browser game (to play in IE, firefox, etc.). I'm looking for a server to mount my super pre-alpha version of the game so u guys are interested can see it and give me some feedback. I also need some stats charts, like each race/class...
  2. moltar

    Noob need help

    I opened the INNRevival, made a character, then i click on play y wrote a password (more than 6 chars) and then in the right top corner it says "dialing", I waited over 20 minutes and nothing happens, in the dosbox console says something like "FIFO overflow" (I dont remember :p), but nothing...
  3. moltar

    um, what must i download to get twinion online?

    I think INNrevival is down again, or not?
  4. moltar

    Noob need help

    Hi, Im a newbie here :) I need someone explain me how to play Yserbius or Twinion online, I have the INN revival, but I dont know how to use it :( Moltar~/