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    I knew FireDancer when she spent much of her time calming Thyrm when he was on a drunken rampage as the Merc GM and all around hilarious guy. She was nice. As I recall she took over the GM position in the Mercs when the core moved to Darksun Online or some other of the many games that felt the...
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    Well - I am still an Imagineer at heart.

    Well - I am still an Imagineer at heart.
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    Tater pads back in softly

    Wow, yes Tater the dwarf who wore handkerchiefs as loin clothes because seriously a towel wasn't needed. I'm not sure if I gifted him with that description or he made it up. It sound vaguely insulting so I'm pretty sure I had a hand in it. Hey Tater! Start your show up again, I love tossing...
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    Are you out there?

    I have been wandering the realms of the internet social media platforms and games for errrr...huh 20 years? Never get bored because I amuse myself and don't wait on others to be entertaining. This is all OOC of course, I'm sure LadyChina has been strolling through some dangerous lands with her...
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    Upon Re-entry the glyphs formed the thought "Welcome"

    (831) TOOL - Swamp Song (Audio) - YouTube
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    Upon Re-entry the glyphs formed the thought "Welcome"

    *Lady China slammed open the door of the Sword Swamp tavern in a fashion heretofore shown only by Badgerbane* "I have missed the Swamp." *taking note that she was talking to herself as no one else was present, she agreed with herself that some places and spaces will always mean more than just...
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    Ultima Online Private server anyone?

    Yes I'll play Slohand - love your latest hit song. (628) Niall Horan - Slow Hands (Lyric Video) - YouTube
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    *jumping off the bar, Lady China pulled an Ipad from her bags and inserted the url URBANDICTIONARY.COM then with swift fingers the name of the one man that she honored rolled from her fingertips: BALOR.* (She slowly read each poison tipped word and laughed).
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    Viewing the War Maps

    *Lady China took a stance that some might call impertinent. She called it comfort. Sitting on the bar of the Sword Swamp tavern she looked at the War Maps left by eager adventurers and warriors alike. So the World was Warcraft now, was it? She kicked the bag of Horde apparel that sat on the...
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    Rift - Free to Play

    RIFT is fairly entertaining. You can't beat the price. Of course they have the STORE where you can purchase things. ;p
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    Sword Swamp Where Are you?

    Urine! Now hurry up and get out! Speed is of the essence...
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    The Return, Pertinent Quote Inclusive

    Thyrm the Ever Charming I just noticed you've surfaced 9 months late, Thyrm. I'm pretty sure you can do better than that. Do you need to borrow something to sharpen your sword upon? I've got a few prisoners stashed.
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    The Return, Pertinent Quote Inclusive

    *Wandering back from whence she'd poofed, Lady China sat on a large rock in the Sword Swamp tavern yard. Glowering at an innocent butterfly that landed beside her, she thought.* *Licking the tip of a quill dipped in pink flamingo blood, a basic want ad was etched onto a slip of parchment. With...
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    To My friends LEFT & RIGHT

    Slohand the Politician Amusing, to say the most.
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    To My friends LEFT & RIGHT

    An Ambidexterous Christmas - PLAY BALL! These are a list of the items underneath my Christmas tree. But first let me tell you about my Christmas tree: it is a family heirloom. Made by my Aunt in the 1960's, gifted to my Grandfather from her in time, and given into my safe keeping by my...
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    Out of The Swamp and Into The Muck

    *slowly one fingertip parted the leaves of some overgrown swamp foliage - green eyes scanned the deserted yard of the Sword Swamp Tavern. Lady China grew impatient with the delay of her intrepid feline companion and his tedious insistence on recognizance. This was Sword Swamp and she was Lady...
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    Mistake admitted

    I never mocked you for this <question mark x1000) Arboc, I am shocked, years later - to find that I never mocked you for your OOC (remember the old school Out Of Character) apology). There are worse things in life than a breach of any silly role play etiquette. I have experienced a few of...
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    Lady seeks news of lovers/enemies - which are you?

    Spleen No, Avalonia did not survive after your tender care in Ultima Online. I don't know about the wiccan poetry, but I do try to maintain at least a toe in the stream of Conciousness. I miss you.
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    I collected my spellbook from under the flat rock outside Sword Swamp. I found my devoted Colossus in the toadish form I granted him. Now if only I could find my JOURNAL. Who can help a Lady out? Where did the journals go? I treasure my creations, they are part of me. Are you holding me...
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    LordPat returns to SS

    Court is Open I've temporarily opened up a table with an official sounding gavel with which to bang in a new and improved adult version of LordPat. May I suggest Lord PitterPat? Lord Pattycake? Are you feeling better about LordPat yet? I thought you would. Balor would acknowledge the...