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  1. RubyRed

    NWAngel, TemptingFait

    One of our best buddies passed this year. She is terribly missed!
  2. RubyRed

    Knock the dust off!

    Uhh... Twinion? hehehe
  3. RubyRed


    Spell and I are so sad to hear this news. Please pass on condolences to his family from all of us here!
  4. RubyRed


    I also had a winsock error this morning, but just logged in about an hour ago and all was ok! Fun!
  5. RubyRed


    Got it! Thanks!
  6. RubyRed


    I'm also running in compatibility mode Win 10, compatibility mode for win xp sp3. What is the world address? Is it empiriana.irealms.com? I will try and run it on my old laptop with XP. :-)
  7. RubyRed

    Calling All Yserbians!!!

    Spell and I are still around. Still married after meeting on INN 20 some years ago. Got a kid in college. We spent 5 years in Wisconsin, now we are in Cali. Hoping to get into Empiriana and see what's up!
  8. RubyRed


    Keep us Posted! Can't wait to try it out!
  9. RubyRed


    Spell and I are in!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!
  10. RubyRed

    Art Contest! Tee-Shirt Contest!

    HEY!! <smakes Spell> 8O Man... I leave for one minute and look what happens!!! You will NOT be watching any wet t-shirt contests!!! LOL RR
  11. RubyRed

    Who was this?

    You know... I do vaguely remember something about this. I bet Spell remembers though. He has a better memory for those things than I do! RR