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~ At the bar sits Kentrahl, eyeing now and again a small furry animal standing on four legs, eating some bartop snacks out of a bowl. Kentrahl strokes his beard, moving, readjusting, and seeming very much uncomfortable. In his eyes there burns a flame of impatience ~

{Kentrahl} "All for naught?! Trails forwards, backwards - centered here! Ahh! Cease? Fail?! Impossible!!"

~ Silnah looks up at his master, his pink round nose wiggling back and forth, as if trying to determine the source of a scent. His bat-like ears twist and turn ~

{Silnah} "Garrrroooo lissshleen rralooo. Korrrthrall vane sheeyodasteed!" (We've only just arrived here. Kentrahl's impatience agitates [me])

~ Kentrahl stands up and slams his staff to the ground ~

{Kentrahl} "Disturbances! Throughout and within, such should be! You, rodent, know hush belongs not here! Bah!"

~ The wizard tugs down on his hat, and stomps lengthwise across the tavern. He vanishes past a sign labeled '<-- Privies' ~

~ Silnah, though curious himself as to whether he sensed the coming of something this way, resumes eating from the stale snacks at his feet ~


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* A dark figure slams open the tavern door, and makes it's way inside *

"If e'er thar be want for drink, tis 'ere be th' day! Me hearties, haul in n' weigh anchor! Liz'rd, some grog!"

* Bones walks in, donning an eyepatch and at his side a cutlass, followed by his mateys Liz'rd, Boo, and Bob - all dressed according to t' occassion *

[Liz'rd] "Arr, sssseemssss tharsssss be food 'ere assss well"

* Liz'rd points to the furry animal on the bartop who is now backing slowly away *

[Bones] "Huzzah! A feast aught make t' trip doubly t' me likin!"

[Boo] "'tis true, cap'n - 'tis 'ere sea dog mite seem a bit pale fer want of both!"

* The ghost laughs at its own joke. The rest simply groan. Bob is placed in a seat where his sporadic movements and random spoutings of nonsense continue as they have for some time. Bones notices just what it is Liz'rd is attempting to grab onto and suddenly sprouts up *

[Bones] "Liz'rd! Halt! That be no easy feast t'be had thar!"

[Liz'rd] "Arr, 'tisss be, no worries mate!"

* Bones looks around, then quickly addresses the small animal *

[Bones] "Bloody 'ell, be it Silnah I be spot'n wit' me own eye?! Where be ye scurvy scoundrel of a master!"

* Liz'rd stops approaching the creature and lowers his sword, looking to Bones. Silnah remains silent, it's beady eyes darting back and forth between the two *

[Bones] "Korthrall! Ye' know 'im! He be owin' us a walk o' th' plank!"

* Silnah quickly jumps over the bar and through some boxes in quick retreat to the back of the tavern. Liz'rd begins to draw a scent on him, when Bones remembers the day and what's most important.. *

[Bones] "Arr..gh! Let 'im go. Liz'rd, ferget it - jes' gets us th' grog!"

* Liz'rd sighs, but obeys. He gathers some barrels from the back of the tavern, and fills up tankards for his mates *

[Bones] "Thank ye matey. Now fer t'be on wit th' celebratin! Harrr!"

[Boo] "Harrr! 'appy piratey day it be fer Yserbians'

[Liz'rd] "Huzzah!"

* The group drink up and continue celebrating, even if Yserbius had turned somewhat ghost-townish. The place had seen better days, indeed - but the spirit of it and the people who made it what it was should and always will be 'membered, this 'ere day and all days t'come *

= So, in that spirit, we wish ye' all a Happy TLAP day! =