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Art Contest! Tee-Shirt Contest!


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For anyone concerned about the discussion of the Cano and the DPI causing blury cano images on your shirt... Worry no more.. I talked to Cafepress and then worked with Navic on doing some tests and show that the Cano can be clearly seen at 10' away. So there's no Blurry images on the shirts in the store...

Tonights the last night for entries... So if you got one layin around, enter it! We'll be picking our winners Sat and Sun, and announcing it Monday. Hopefully... LOL

Good luck all.


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Why don't you have a TIE BREAKER vote...

This time I'll pay attention....and vote.

*waits for offers for gifts and exotic pleasures to flow her way from the two tied t-shirt contestants.*


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Actually, only the collage votes count... :lol: J/K

Choosing two of you will be good... I think we've pretty much chosen among the Mods/Admins and we're all on the same page...


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The lastest poll I set-up didn't count... just wanted to see what others thought... and none if ya's like my stolen idea! Dirty dogs... <Turns the "Open" light in the tav window off and locks up> :p


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Are the rumors true? Is there munchkin slave labor going on? Are those T-shirts created in sweat shops where height-challenged people are forced to slave for hours in poor-kept facilities for mere pennies a day? :twisted:

Ahh what a twisted world Bones weaves


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I do not in any way promote slave labor, unless the creatures are as annoying as munchkins.. then I encourage it... at least until their spirits are crushed. :twisted:


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Spell said:
What I want to know is....
Who's going to model the T-Shirts and are they going to be doused in Ale first? :twisted:
HEY!! <smakes Spell> 8O Man... I leave for one minute and look what happens!!! You will NOT be watching any wet t-shirt contests!!!