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Chaos sublimates Harmony


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*Standing at the top of the stairs with an excellent view of Arboc the True tossing aside tables, swinging at the empty air, holding on to a throat not there while coldly saying -

"...Listen woman, listen good. Its one thing for you to cast your spells to the wind, in hopes of entrapping me. You can visit every crazy hermit with in a thousand miles of this land to learn what makes me tick. You can even spit at me as I ride by. But you never enter into any tavern to commit murder. Not in Misty Hollow, the Role Play Inn or even here at Sword Swamp. You’re very lucky that your little “gift” didn’t find its way to one of my comrades, because it would have been you impaled on my dagger instead of this spider.”

- and then showing a clean blade to absolutely nobody, made the Lady smile. The spell had done its work, but Arboc himself was the fuel to its fire. Only those with chaos in their heart could have seen the spider. Once seen Arboc still had the choice of acting in the spirit of the harmony that he held so dear. He had not. He had danced the steps of her song, and it had been his choice.

A quickly bitten lip stopped her from laughing outright as the knight on a mission sat down and began slapping the air near his lap. He knelt then and said something she couldn't hear from the top of the stairs, but with the air kiss and the smile that followed, she imagined it was something a man would typically say when he thought he'd won the day with a woman.

He tossed some coins, said “Sorry for the disturbance, but some people have to learn boundaries." and swaggered out. She couldn't hold it in any longer, laughter spilled out, down the stairs, filling the ransacked tavern.*

"Oh...Arboc, you DO have potential. You've inspired me. I've nothing to do this day, well - *catching sight of Cyren's stormy face as she gazed upon the destruction* besides a bit of rearranging - but then I believe I'm up for another fine walk to Misty Hollow. But this time I've got some questions answered. That harmony is a little more shattered, a little more tattered, and a lot more singed that it was before this day."

*Kattah and Dexbraham sat on the bartop, eating kiwi's with batty boney fingers, not knowing that in that moment, they were the spitting image of Arboc the True's harmonious spirit.*


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Cyren looks up the stairs and sighs at Lady China, gathering parchment for a few notes.

"This is why nobody ever visits the Swamp, you know. It's because WE are here."

She winks at Lady China and bites her lip, inscribing bits of invective and laughing, waving the parchment dry as if to fan herself from the heat. She gives a passing thought to brewing her own inks, wondering what subtle effects she can pass to the reader through them. A new project! She's pleased. She gazes at the parchment and considers making her own paper, too. Flower petals, vitriol to distill...she adds a few items to Arboc's list of goodies to gather.

"I suppose I should turn down the heat in the kitchen, but I can't help it. I like it this way. Old habits. You think we should...break it to Arboc...that I'm...harmonic?"

She starts to laugh harder. Nobody ever believes her anyway. But there are children that need looking after and monsters what need rapping on the nose with rolled up newspaper. A mother's work is never done.

"How are heroes ever going to become heroes if nobody gives them a chance to prove it?"


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*Admiring his thrashing techniques, she follows the plastic sheen of a Slip and Slide with her eyes.*

You're a good man, Kyrandos. Do it again.

*Tosses another bucket of ale on to the rapidly drying plastic.*