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Just a few Noted to let you all know what is in store.

I have been working on some problem areas in the administration of the website. those coming along ok..

I am working on upgrading the Nuke portal to 7.8 (currrently 7.7) this will be a gradual implementation as we have alot of addon and modifications no other portal in the world has. These modifications will focus on security issues and have fewer bugs.

this will also include an upgrade of our forum board. which is currently a thorn in my side from my side of the board. Again we are looking at a gradual implemtation of the new system so as to prevent any loss of data. Those of you who ever played UO back in the 90's will remember how you used to step back in time and how confusing it was until you realized what was going on. This is what we are trying to avoid.

At the worst someone logged on here on Saturday Night at midnight who presses the submit button at the time I hit paste button may find their post poofs into thin air. Lets hope not.... I will post a date and Time for the change over. given time I may Bring the site down entirely by redirection to a Undergoing Maintenance Page with a approximate time to return online. we will see.

As you all noticed I implemented on a test basis a HP/MP/EXP system on the site. I am currently working out more bugs but plan on carrying this over into the new system as everyone seems to enjoy this feature.

We are also implementing a Photo Album for Yserbius use and member use. More details will follow.

Coming soon members will see a new feature that allows them to earn gold pieces for posting and a currency system. More info will follow on this Feature but suffice to say it will create a monetary system within our community with the options to earn, trade, or use this currency on various features including some future features coming soon.

There are a few other features in the works that we cannot say anything about at this time soon as details are ironed out more info will be made available. Thanks Slohand