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Cyren's Kids


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I found this old list of Cyren's kids, I kept track to about the first 100.

I'm sure there are more, but this is just a great list of people I had fun with online - if you're on this list...where are you? You never call, you never write! What's a mother to do?

RedPhenxII (KKLongShot), Goldmoon, Blacksoul, Indigo, /SunTzu/, GAWD, Nightflame, Sinister, Goldmaia, Storm Child, CYAN, Cecil, Lauridona, ErikLC, Tolland, Electra, Angelbunny, Lady Jesse, Orasis, ROMULUS, Indigo (yes, 2 of 'em), Li'l Katz, Li'l Tokkle, Li'l Moloch, Stryke, Morgana, Quag, Kayne, Sir Grim, Encharta, Sybil, Yea, HuSanNiang, Loridon, Lauri, Veldare, Cattiebrie, LilDarling, Fext, Don Jose, Eclipse, ArchFiend, Sahara, BlackAdder, Kami Giri, Evel, Pazuzu, Zerin, Rodeo, KnightMare, /ObeyMe/, Pariah, Ciara, Li'l Al, Wisper, Tamriel, /Flasher/, FrostFire, HARLEY, Sly, Squelch, Li'l Star, Issa, Plouton, Elayna, Hrumph, Arrgggghh, Aaccckkkkk, Pooooppps, Haaccck, Deja, Squish, Steeleman (through marriage to Electra), DEADSTAR (through marriage to Deja), Li'l Moon, Li'l Moonette, Vona, Jenghiz, Blakwolfe, Skye Blue, Pathfinder, Deathwish, Darkprince, Free, Hunter, Jessica, Shade, Radiance, Sir Amando, Eaglerider, Sadistic, Heartbrkr, Drandeal, Lady D, Ravenloft, Materia, Aresia, Amyrlin, Salvo, Orpheus, Katrianna

To my family, young, old, close, far, those who are in that list probably five times one way or the other, fathers of my children, babysitters, and the extended family that made it a laugh riot...THANK YOU.

If you are not on this list, you might have come after the point where someone promoted in RPI "Be adopted by Cyren's, get a mug" and that just exploded the family ranks.



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Ooooh, you just jogged a braincell loose... I knew yer name was familiar! I was in SS one night as Wasabe, the COV jester, when Indigo (the purple one, or Indiburp as I liked to call him, much to his disgust) talked me and a few others into making Indigos... I was the red thiefy one, I think I mighta been a kid o' yers!

HI MA!! <hops up and down, grinning and waving>


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Listle! Yaaaay! Family!

Yes! The Indigo conventions, the Cyren conventions. We'd all take cracks at impersonating each other. There's stuff like poker tells that give away people's identities.

Vortigern always spelled "veracity" wrong and used it too much. "Who says that? Nobody says that!" Bonking ensued.

My main tells were typing too fast and spelling too well. THYRM used to always call me on that. In order to impersonate others I had to slow down and misspell stuff.

I miss Indigo! Other names from Sword Swamp...lADY DEATH (she never did fix that L), Storm Hymn, Kali, Arawn, (Duke of Wampir, muhahahahahah), Jasper, Crool, Roadkill, Ki, LadyHawk (KOY Captain), Yuji, Gin



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Indigo shows up every once in a blue moon (yes, that is punny) in the Mercs irc. He's a father and a husband and busy being good at both. Hello to all who walked in my realm - Sword Swamp. Ensaneti - Queen of Wampir. Lady China - wife to Balor of The Mercs. Avalonia - destroyed innocent of Shaman. I get exhausted just thinking of all the me's there be. Arrgh.

The Mercs are still enjoying playerkilling and general anti-social behavior. Though we've lost Thyrm to the mists, Balor is still around and still gaming. You can't keep an old Merc down. I make sure of that.


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Lady China!

Woo hoo!

I'm so glad you're here!

I can prove it!

Go check out Cyren's Journal, "NEWBIE"

You've been quoted a'fore you even got here.



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Hey Mom

Hey Cyren,

I am the Hunter from your list of children. ;p I and Jessica and EagleRyder all hung out together in Sword Swamp, and I am very familiar with some of the other names on that list, gosh I miss those days. I was only around 13 years old in RL back then and I am 30 now, but I really cherish those memories as some of the best moments on the net ever in my life. :) Love you always! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. :)